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20 November 2014 by admin

Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 8.25.28 PM

because of second baby on the way, life indeed is getting busier, at the same time we feel more motivated and closer to each other with all positive vibe from people we love every day. plus nowadays I took my iphoneography pretty seriously on instagram, so I have been planning a new blog for a while, a brand new family blog, which can easily combine my iphoneography and camera photos. Therefore I name this new adventures to #lifewithsengs

thank you so much to all of you who’ve shared the past years with us.
i hope you’ll continue to follow our adventures :)


xox, mike, an, mason and baby #2

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big proud bro.

07 November 2014 by admin



22 weeks | big proud bro and “keep moving” babe.

(which means this baby gave a wee bit hard time to the technician for taking pictures, plus my bladder was almost exploded….)

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first day of preschool, and it went well.

15 September 2014 by admin

we are so excited, today is this little man’s first day of preschool. and so we had a little celebration with his favourite balloon (and favourite colour, pink) before heading school.


and it went well. kiddo had a great time with teachers and new friends, they started the outdoor circle time, sang couple songs and talked a little bit to each kiddo, and then they all line up, go for a walk, introduce the variety of garden plants. They even tasted/smelled the fresh mint and pick up a giant zucchini. (this was told by one of teachers, she also told me kiddo is very calm and comfortable being in the class)

It made me happy to see him so enjoying his new school. well done, kiddo.

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hello and hearts.

28 August 2014 by admin

couple days ago i was asking Mike to take my still-small bump picture (only 12 weeks) with little man. after took couple of shots, he returned the camera in my hand, and complained : oh man, don’t know how you make it, but kid is so out of control!


i will see that as a compliments. :D

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