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his observation.

19 January 2014 by admin

This idea is keeping in mind for a while when I start taking photos with kids. Every time I work with them, I can see their curiousness from their eyes through my lens; they’d think “where is she”, “what she look at?” or “why she is hiding behind the giant black thing”…. then I always so curious what they usually see at their level and their view via the tiny window of camera.

Finally, mason’s little hands can hold well on my point shot camera, and this is going to be our new 2014 project — capture his observation.

This is the first time he experienced the camera with his toys.
my view:

his view:

Second time, he already knew it’s his toy camera, and using his own way to take a photos.

My view: or see more photos of him here

his view:


Isn’t this awesome?! I sort of loving how he figured out his own way to take the photos, AND do other things with another hand. Multi-tasking is good!

We’ll work together more often when the weather is getting better. This is ganna be FUN.

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iphonegraphy. happiness.

02 December 2013 by admin


I’m happy because you’re always a fun, giggly , a super happy kiddo.
I’m happy because of this natural beauty always happening here.
I’m happy because everything make me happy — a cup of coffee, nice music, or a morning hug from Mike.

our life is super simple, nothing too fancy. but we do feel happy. :)

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iphonegraphy. new Seng family tradition.

29 November 2013 by admin

This is the third year of Christmas with kiddo (first one he was in my belly) and we’re all very excited about this year. Because he finally gets more sense and feeling about the Santa, Christmas songs, reindeer, nutcracker, all sorta of things.

Moreover, we also created our little family tradition this year; which is choosing 3-5 items from our own Christmas gift wish-list, and placed them into the Christmas sock. Therefore I can pick one or two items from Mike’s list, and good thing about this is I’d make sure this is something what he likes/needs.

For the kiddo, we’d bring or show him around all kinds of toys and books, and see which one can catch his attention more. Basically he might be the only person in this family will get everything in the socks. Lucky kiddo.


So here is the list, and now I’m going to do some more Christmas shopping! yay!

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