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mama & kiddo. red.

27 April 2013 by admin

Every time I try to shop my boy’s stuff, I’d always end up looking at girl’s section instead. (sigh) Therefore I decided to do more homeworks by myself, and create a new category post, share to you all – mama & kiddo.

And here is the first post for mama & kiddo:


This mix of old school, modern color and pattern scarf can’t be more perfect while snuggle with your kiddo wearing the star pattern with little red eye mask top and bottom.

Today is raincouver, stay cozy and warm… :)

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to newly two year old.

19 February 2013 by admin

Because little man got nothing from Christmas (we both were too lazy to shop around in that busy season), we decide to find something cool and fun for his coming birthday in March.However it’s not so easy, tons, tons of awesome choices out there, even we want to have one for ourselves too. Here is the top 6 choices from our favorites:


1. mickey mouse dinnerware : I’m pretty sure he will scream like a little girl when he see this set.
2. croc pile stacking toy : these croc are too cute. and we love wooden toys.
3. balancing blocks : oh this toy is way too genius and mason actually love its animation video, and so do we.
4. spiketus rex pack : I always want one of these coolest bag, but i think Mason will suit it better.
5. cubebot : the coolest robot I have ever seen. pretty sure this is on Mike’s top one. (for himself)
6. schoenhut 25 key piano : Surprisely, Mason really likes piano. But I’m just a little bit worried that no more quiet, peaceful moment in the house after getting this.

and… you’ll find out which one we get for him, pretty soon. Happy Shopping!

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